Parshas Vayechi

Life reality – Vayechi

It is ironical that the words “life” and “file” are spelled with the same letters. Much of our life’s journey is buried or forgotten, but not irretrievable. Periodically things seem to pop up when we least expect them. Sometimes a part of us dies and/or unexpectedly comes back to life. We wonder what dream it was that we lived through or held dear. Amazingly our journey progresses and we quickly become acclimated to a new way of life. Sometimes we cannot even remember (the importance or magic of) life’s priorities (good or bad) as we used to know them.

Life is blown into a person and is constantly renewed and changing. This is what it says about man being created; back and forth I was formed (Psalms 139,5). The movement of life constantly flows in and out of a person. In order to exist, people have limited themselves to a specific level of perception that has become their truth.

The Bible was translated for human consumption in a very physical way. It was not translated according to the spiritual and often not even according to the root meaning of words. More importantly it could or should have been interpreted in a language that constantly reflects the present. The result of the purely physical translation has been that society remains stuck on a level that they perceive is the ultimate truth.

Sometimes it is imperative to reveal the truth. This is not always an easy task, as people tend to reject the truth when it is contrary to the lies that they have lived with during the course of their lifetimes. However, unless someone is willing to attempt to openly express the truth, (even though people may be unwilling to listen) they will never have a chance to know truth. In order to elevate people or create an opening it is sometimes necessary to speak to people on a level that is beyond their present perspective.

Sometimes our beliefs are also a form of protection. Jacob was protected, while his children had to fight in order to create the protection. There are times that peace seems to come through talk or negotiation. Yet there are also times that the only avenue to peace seems to be through war and destruction or annihilation. These issues relate to the way that nations conduct business or the way various spiritual powers work.

Anticipation or expectations of the future vary for different individuals. Many people simply believe, as they were taught, that they will personally make a connection with God or spirit in an unknown future. Many believe in a wonderful physical or spiritual future.

How many people are so busy that they never think about connecting to the Creator in the present? What will it take to motivate people to understand that the only time we can truly act or react is the present? Projections for future bliss that prevent positive current action are no more than crippling preoccupations with shallow focus.

When a person who lives in the present passes on, a drastic change occurs in the world’s balance. The mourning was heavy for Egypt (Genesis 50:11). The word in Hebrew for Egypt is mitzrayim. The root of the word is metzar a prison. People of the world are experiencing a difficult time, existing in the modern day “metzar” within the system that society and its leaders have created. They have no idea of where to turn for their answers. This will perpetually be the case unless people elect to make changes that are in their true interest, and not in superficial interests that are based in a superficial Truth.

We all exist in this world together. Each person fulfills an individual role that is part of the whole. Most of people’s imaginations and beliefs regarding the future actually harm them by preventing them from instead of teaching them to connect with the Creator in the present. To be a true leader today, the leader needs to live in the present. Failing that leaves all people open to the problems that occur in society.

There have been times in history when openings occurred but the moment was not fully used and the time passed. We continue to try to solve our problems with the same methods that we have used in the past. The delay means that we will face bigger problems in the future.

In order to survive we must reveal another level of truth. The path to that is digging deeper within ourselves. Finding a new level of truth allows us to relate positively to changes that occur.

The words that we use are triggers that can generate destruction or blockages. Being selective about our thoughts and our verbal expression can help to open the blockages as well as direct our inner system back into the flow.

We are bombarded daily with many choices. Learning how to respond in sync with the flow is key to making our way into the future. We have the personal, international and universal responsibility to be ready for the proper change at the proper moment.