Hire a Part-Time American Virtual Assistant – In Israel!

This is a favor/paid advertisement.

A fan of mine (who also tried to introduce me to a friend of hers to date, which I appreciated) named Sarah-Leah started a company named Secretary in Israel. Outsourcing is a well known concept, but I think she has taken it to a new level. Many people hire personal and business assistants from oversees – usually India – it cuts down on costs and works just as well. Secretary in Israel connects small business owners and entrepreneurs here in the US with American, Ivy League-educated virtual assistants who live in Israel. Since the virtual executive assistant are all native Americans who were born and raised in the States, there are no language barriers or cultural issues. Plus, the virtual assistants work on a part-time basis, which is convenient for the business owners who need only an hour a day of help.

Her idea is great for several reasons. It allows business owners to save time and money, getting office workers to do their tasks for a fraction of the cost that it would be in America. It allows for women (mainly Moms) in Israel to earn a decent living, 2 – 3 times what they would make if they worked locally. Perhaps most importantly, especially for my readers, it allows for Jewish people in the US to support their brothers and sisters living in Israel (which helps to reduce the poverty rate in Israel).

To learn more about their American virtual executive assistant, you can contact Secretary in Israel’s New York City office at: (800) 586-1540 or visit the Secretary in Israel web site.