Are Shadchuns similar to Used Car Dealers?

I am not sure if its a good thing that Shadchuns use the same practices as used car salesmen. It seems that used car dealers of the sort that are in old gas stations and have signs that everyone can be financed are usually not the most honest people, or maybe they are just telling you about the good points of the car so you will take it off the lot for a test drive.

I kind of feel that shadchuns are the same thing, if they tell you all the good points you will take her for a test drive – not by having sex with her – but by taking her out on a few dates and then realizing she wasn’t for you. Cars are the same way, some dealers let you try it for a week or so and then you have to make a decision – unfortunately the car usually dies right after the 30 day lemon laws, but are shadchuns and used car dealers similar?

Shidduch dating isn’t as bad as buying a used car that dies, well, unless you marry her and find out on the wedding night that the shadchun set you up with a man (another downside to not taking her for a test drive in the sexual sense) but most of the time you come up with issues before marriage and then the shadchun divulges information such as her parents dementia and her ex ray vision super powers (she knew all along that you didn’t wear tzitzis daily like it said on your frumster profile)