The Hot Chani Field Guide

A few months back I published a post explaining to you all what exactly a Hot-Chani was, I now bring to you a snippet from the field guide to Hot Chanis written by my friend Mordy who runs the knish which is a Jewish version of the Onion.

Hot Chani Field Guide – snippet

Hereditary Hot Chanies

These mother/grown daughter Hot Chanie pairs are often seen shopping together in Flatbush and upscale outlet malls in the outlying NY area. While the senior Chanies tend to favor fur coats, shorter sheitels, and slightly lower heels, there is no doubt that the daughters have learned their sense of style at home. Also in that home is a husband and father who would prefer they developed a gambling habit instead because it would be cheaper. A Hot Chanie daughter-in-law is the only thing more expensive than a kollel son-in-law.

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