Parshas Vayigash devare torah

Vayigash – self-communication skills by: Yosef Serebryanski

Expecting the unexpected sometimes means, accepting, that what will eventuate is already within the existence that we have. Understanding this seems to be a challenge for many people.

The ability to transform our lives is often buried in dreams that are tied to expectations. Many people are simply waiting for that unexpected “happening” that will “propel” them forward into a new existence. While some people will change their futures based on something that is yet to happen, that is not necessarily the case for all of us.

Perhaps the most unexpected thing that can happen to most people is that they have an awakening to the fact that the thing that they must change lies within them. In life we should be somewhat prepared for the best or worst scenarios and anywhere in between the two extremes. People receive different forms of challenge during the course of their lives.

Communicating with one’s innermost self, as well as communicating openly with others is critical. It is often the way we talk or perceive our inner selves that creates the outer communication.

Society has many modes of communication. Some of these are; prayer, gifts or rewards, war or discord, etc. We are drawn to connect with others because of their pain, their joy (if we are not jealous), physical or spiritual awakenings, etc.

Connecting by relating to the individuals souls, is an ability that can be developed. We must strive to understand and relate to what is beyond definition, reflecting the source of all existence. Then we will be better able to know to which part of another person we are connecting. When we are acutely tuned to this knowledge we will have a better ability to maintain the proper balance needed for each situation we encounter.

Opening our hearts while communicating with others allows them to open their hearts in response. As they do this, more individuals are discovering that there are many persons out there who are synonymous with their feelings. As they discover each other they widen the scope of individuals whom they can reach in order to share the valuable knowledge that they have gained.

This is confusing to those who do not comprehend that this is possible. Hearts become closed and separated from others as a result pain, lack of love or pressure from work, family, society and personal expectations. The passage of generations and time for those who became closed has produced multitudes of people who have not been able to live by their original true definitions. The exponential result is that society has lost the ability to properly define acceptance and truth.

Joseph waited for Judah to express his feelings before revealing himself to him (Genesis 44). Most people do not understand the spiritual power of Yosef, as it was concealed from everyone. Being aware of their limitations, when the time came for him to reveal himself to his brothers, he was careful.

Within most groups there are some persons who are more open than others. These individuals make connections with persons who are outside of their group’s self created protective wall. The people, who see that wall as being real with imperative limitations, simply cannot comprehend the actions of those who choose to breach its perimeters.

Childhood experiences are supposed to prepare us for adulthood. Yet many of us cling to childish feelings and/or behavior patterns. Others are forced, at an age that is far too young, to abruptly cut themselves away from the purity of childhood in order to survive. Each individual who has been denied the proper components and support needed during their formative years carries the damage suffered into their adulthood. This damage can disable the ability of those persons to open up their hearts in order to experience proper growth.

Each person is born as a conglomeration of a complex mixture of energies. It takes much love, patience and support to allow each part to shine. It is rare to find people who are able to love, respect the individuality of, and support each other in every way. Marriages or personal inter-relationships between people often do not sustain that type of commitment and intensity for long. If individuals cannot maintain personal cohesive relationships, how can they be expected do so on a national or international scale? Therefore public support must be generated en masse in order to be able to foster everyone’s right as well as ability to live in this way externally and internally.

Leading the people is a complex concept. There are many leaders who are paid to promote specific agendas. There are leaders who foster an agenda that separates them from the people whom they lead. A unique leader, Theodore Roosevelt, understood and anticipated many of the issues and future needs of the nation. However, the unfortunate norm is the world’s collection of politicians that act based upon greed, personal goals and short vision. Society has progressed to the point where the majority of its leaders do not have the “concerns of the people” placed high on their list of priorities.

When individuals select leadership without first establishing personal internal responsibility the result is the type of contaminated system that exists currently in our society. Individuals must assume internal accountability for their own leadership. Only when people are thus responsible can another being guide them. As people change, positive effects of this movement will be reflected in the outside world.

People are busy looking for a leader, a messiah, God, or any other answer outside of themselves. The answer is within each individual — if they choose to pursue and develop it they will find their place in their present existence.

Now they will distance the worship of others from me and I will dwell in them forever. (Ezekiel 43:9) On that day you will be for me a people and I will dwell among you. (Zechariah 2:14-15)