Frum Satire year in review

Welcome to the Frum Satire year in review… or maybe best of 2008

This was my second full year blogging and it was an interesting year. I dated a blog fan for three months, was invited to the Jewish Bloggers Convention in Israel and started getting stopped in public on a regular basis due to my foray into stand up comedy and you tube rantings, I hope that this year I can preform in public more often and have already started in talks to team up with to do some events, and if you are interested in having me do a show – by all means send me an email.

2008 was also a year of change for me, I left upstate NY in March and moved to Monsey for work, I most recently moved to Dallas making good on my vow that I would not live in Monsey longer then a year. I fell in love for the first time, not with the fan, someone else and I broke 300,000 miles in my trusty 99-Subaru, but most of all it was year of self awareness and good funny writing.

I became aware that my writing reaches thousands of people all over the world and that it comes with some sort of responsibility , which kind of sucks because I am very carefree. I also became aware that a very large chunk of my readers are not observant like I always thought, and even non-Jewish readers are coming for a peek at a comedic insider view of Judaism.

The Year in Review: Month by month posts of note


was an interesting discussion, and it was decided that Germaphobes and Orthodox Judaism don’t mix.


February was a busy month with some interesting shidduch discussion on girls who go out just for the free meal, I also wondered if it was ok to take girls out to Starbucks, thoughts before and after a date was interesting as well as how to market yourself on frumster.

Black Hat like me was a classic post where half the people knew I was joking and the other half thought I was serious. Do you have elevator rage? Well my father does. Yeshiva memories of the food and how they would obstruct our free time were also classic.

I discovered why Charedi women shaved their heads and the ban of the month was when a shetle story in Brooklyn was forced to take down “untznius” pictures of women modeling wigs.


How to spot a BT fresh off the boat was appreciated by the BT’s, and the parts of davening I skip and why was well received by the FFB’s. Looking over the mechitza without getting caught bugged those that didn’t want to be exposed, these people were probably the same one’s with megillah attention deficit disorder.

I moved to Monsey and on my first shabbos there got the idea for shabbos goy university, my first impressions of Monsey video is my most commented on You Tube and the post created a lot of dissent towards Monsey.


The Chumra Research Institute announced programs to combat things like Untznius Cookies. Kosher pizza hit $3 a slice, and I decided that Seltzer was more Jewish then Dr. Browns. How do yeshiva guys try on suits was a hit video and my pesach seder post is one of my better pieces, and my pesach thoughts were very interesting. My site was hacked- making me feel important because small sites never get hacked, but who cares I still messed with Yeshivish people.


May marked the first time I ever hosted the Jewish Bloggers Carnival, seeking the answers to why women don’t learn gemara got 100 comments and the post discussing orthodox women who wear pants received 145 comments.

I picked up my first chassidishe hitchhiker in Monsey and the Rubashkins scandal broke the news. I learned that breast milk was parve, I also decided that shkoyach and yuntiff weren’t real words. What heterim do you use during the omer sparked an interesting debate and my instructional video on being a lubavitcher became my most watched on you tube with 6,000 views and counting.

Mu uncle died and I had fun at the shiva house and wondered why? The BT singles shabbaton in Monsey was hilarious. No month can be great without a sex post about this kabbalistic urban legend.


Someone sent me a 40 page long frumster profile and the shidduch crisis started getting so bad that the unthinkable happened and someone sent me their hilarious shidduch resume. I preformed in Brooklyn and became friends with some Jewish celebrities.

The Charedim came out with kosher toilet paper, and global warming was proved correct. My post about how evil the cheeseburger was painted during mussar in yeshiva was well received and for the BT’s I was able to tell when they shed that BT status and joined the frum community at large.

What kind of handshake do you give was a classic list post, and for some reason 117 people argued out if the word “Goy” was offensive. I heard that wedding showers weren’t pornographic like I always thought, and I learned that shul hopping is not that acceptable.


The most controversial post was a serious one asking whether you would attend a wedding between a Jew and a non-Jew?  Who is your muktza B#tch appealed to the yeshiva rebel fans of mine – I discussed the awkward situation of long bathroom breaks on dates.

The Monsey kosher restaurant review was a lot of fun. The yarmulke you wear does matter – we always knew it did. I told you folks what I thought about during davening and it wasn’t God. I wondered how long you would wait in line to save 75 cents? I was also told that I would be flown for free to Israel for the first international Jewish Bloggers convention – which made me feel very cool.


I did investigative reporting into how frummies utilize the brims of their black hats and I wondered what the dress code in your yeshiva was. I almost got eaten by a bear while wondering if Chassidim really did everything backwards. While in Israel I stayed by some Jewish redneck friends of mine, I also wondered if it were stealing to take airplane pillows. I was sent to Israel business class to the international bloggers convention and did several stand up comedy shows while there as well.


An overweight girl tried to make a guy go out with her after he told her no, I was surprised that no one bashed me.  You decided what the next fad in frummy food would be. I talked about frummy cars as well. The bike lanes in Williamsburg controversy started, as well as Dr Twerski being threatened for being on the child molestation task force.

The Charedim came up with a Jewish music hechsher and the hilarious story about the YU trans gender professor broke, Sarah Palin was the hottest news and she was not Jewish, but she could have entered into the miss borough park pagent. This picture I snapped at the kotel caused an uproar.

Peta said ice cream should be made of breast milk and I discussed wheezing shofar blowers.


I announced that I was moving out of Monsey to Texas which was a shock to many of you including myself. My article paring the two charedi news sites Yeshiva World News vs. Vos Iz Neias scored me some good google rankings for those searching for the sites. Some guy in Israel got pissed that an event had mixed seating so he stabbed someone. I overheard this shidduch conversation at subsational. The best ways to mess with BT’s during the holidsays satisfied the BT fans. The video I took at the crown heights simchas bais hashoev pissed some people off.

What words did your rebbe use to describe sex was very funny. An Israeli film portraying lesbians in seminary came out. I wondered is anyone has ever eaten on Yom Kippur? This guest poster wrote something funny about her conversion. I admitted sort of that I was a fan of Obama with this post. I also debated birnbaum vs. artscroll.


This was a month of questions, what is a hot chani was the most popular “question” post. What do you think of polygamy? What is a hocker? Are you undercover off the derech brought out the troops as well. I move to Dallas and was impressed based on my first shabbos there. I also wondered if public school was anything like the movies.

Do you show off your learning skills in shul? Obama economics lesson at shul was great, and I found a new solution to the shidduch crisis

I lusted over sour cream donuts and spoke of why I don’t celebrate thanksgiving even though I did in the end. Kosher fest rocked and I talked about davening in phone booths.


I was invited by Jewcy to write for them and I got an article published in the Jewish Press. I talked about my schedule in yeshiva and I posted my funny thoughts on Christmas. Madoff changed the face of tzedaka forever.

The treife post got a lot of comments from people reminiscing. I revealed the secret shomer negiah loopholes. My father got remarried and it was weird. I told people about the secretaries job in yeshiva.

Two list posts made it big, 20 guys every yeshiva has and annoying things that happen on shabbos. I admitted that I want to go to a mega church while in Texas and everyone agreed that frummy women wear too much black. Childrens games to promote tznius are just plain old wrong.

You people better have enjoyed this because those links took forever to place in there.

I would like to use to this space to thank everyone that helped me along in times of need, including those that linked me, helped me find a job and gave me chizuk and mussar. Of course I would like to thank the fans and critics who have made furm satire one of the most popular frum Jewish blogs with more than a quarter of a million individual visits in 2008 alone.