Metrosexual Fashions come to the Yeshia World

The newest “hock” in the yeshivishe velt is funky glasses frames. I have been seeing some ridiculous styles of glasses lately, there is this one dude in the chofetz chaim yeshiva of Dallas that wears bright green glasses frames, he also matches them with his ties, metrosexual is taken to a new level with the latest in yeshiva guy fashions.

It makes sense that crazy glasses frames would be favored by yeshiva guys, since they can’t really change much else. When you have to wear the same colored shirt, pants and hat every day, your individual sense will probably figure out some ways to comb at this boring dress code.

Besides for crazy glasses frames, another yeshiva guy style or way to combat being stuck in the black and white is belt buckles. Huge designer belt buckles and shiny chrome is all part of chic yeshiva, which is what I would term the new yeshiva style – which isn’t so new at all.

I remember in ninth grade the coolest thing any yeshiva guy could wear was the Tommy Hilfiger white button down shirt with the blue inside color, it showed your parents paid full tuition and allowed you to dress a little more “modernishe” then the average yeshiva guy.

Black shoes are a must, but that doesn’t mean you cant get slip on shoes with chrome buckles that compete for glare with your huge belt buckle. I bet you didn’t know that black hats were getting the “chic yeshiva” treatment as well? I saw that some black hats now have little bumps in the middle of the top of the hat to portray a little sense of style into the otherwise frummy fedora. Some hats always feature patterns under the brims, of course it is only time until the red feather of small yiddisher man fame comes back into style as well. My first and only hat was bought for $18 at sears and it had a red feather and a 1 inch wide brim.

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