Should someone stick to one community?

I apologize but this is one of those times I felt like posting something serious

Should someone like myself daven at one specific shul and be part of one community? Or should I daven at multiple shuls and diversify my portfolio so to speak?

This was the discussion I had with a chabad Rabbi over the weekend. We were chatting and I mentioned that I enjoyed going to different shuls all the time and that sticking to one shul, in my mind, was boring and a drag. He not only disagreed – he dived into an all out philosophical discussion on why he hates people like me.

He said that the shul is a community and in Judaism you must join one community and stick to it, I firmly disagreed saying that in Judaism there is no “right” derech and therefore it was good that there was so much choice in terms of shuls or communities to be a part of.

If someone were to ask what I “considered” myself, I couldn’t really say. While I like certain aspects of chabad philosophy including their open door policy, I don’t like many aspects and couldn’t say I would ever become chabad. Then again I probably agree most with real modern orthodoxy like that practiced by the Rav. But still I like many aspects of a more yeshivish derech and on the other end I also like many ideals in open orthodoxy or more progressive orthodox movements.

I don’t understand how I would be detrimental to myself by being a part of multiple communities, if you were to even say each shul is a community unto itself. Many people like the davening at one shul and they like the siurim at another – does this make them bad?

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