Guest Poster: Am I still considered a goy?

I figured all the converts or prospective converts who read this site would be interested in this – I found it on Jewcy and the writer gave me permission to post it. For those of you new to this site – someone write another post regarding her conversion a while back -Read- funny thoughts on my conversion.

Hey guys, I’m a little nervous writing this because I’m the new kid on the block but I hope some of you will respect me enough to give me a thoughtful answer. However, despite my nervousness, I’d feel rude if I asked you for your honest opinions without giving you an idea of who I am.

For starters I’m a Jew by choice (hence the “jbc” on the nick) who was born and raised Christian (Pentecostal) and was quite devoted for most of my life with some sprinkled devotion through high school which then became stagnant in college. All the same I remained a Christian up until a little over a year ago. Got a new job and with it came a plethora of interesting people from all over the world. Finding my place among my co-workers I naturally found myself having the “get to know each other” conversations. Upon one conversation with one of the managers the topic of religion came up and, to make a long story short, he is a Jew (by blood and faith), I was a Christian and so we engaged in intellectual conversations debating beliefs and so on.

This rekindled my interest in religion which quickly turned into a search for a more meaningful way of life and in my research and comparison of various religions I came to rest, quite comfortably, on Judaism. Though an unofficial conversion (just don’t quite have time to go through the process right now-college, job, family..etc.)my actions and ideals are most definitely Jewish.

And now the question. This may seem odd but being one who likes to know himself and fit in correctly, respectfully and knowingly; my question is, am I still considered goy? : P To clarify, would it be rude or inconsiderate to now call something goyish or use other mannerisms? Would this make me seem like the white boy who ignorantly abuses the “N” word to seem cool? Please let me know so that I don’t have to find out the hard way.

Thanx for the response


Tikkun Olam

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