Things I love about shabbos

The complimentary post to last weeks “annoying things that happen on shabbos

When people cut full slices of challah for you instead of those dinky cut in half pieces

When I sleep late and the shul I went to actually started on time

Getting to shul and realizing there is a big Kiddush

Finding an ashkenaz siddur in a spehardi shul

Finding an artscroll at chabad

Getting to my hosts house and realizing they are having a bunch of girls my age staying over as well

Having a chazzan that busts out the carelbach style kabalas shabbos

Getting look at the girls during the lecha dodi look back


Shabbos shluff

Shalom zachors

Looking over the mechitza and knowing there are actually girls behind it (its empty and lonely all week)

Putting on nice clothing

Time to clear my head and think of things to write

Shabbos offer a venue discuss community politics and catch up on all the loshon horah (you would think they would have banned shabbos meals a long time ago because of this reason)

Moscato Diasti – sure to get a bunch of people yelling about how its not wine but really soda, but as a man comfortable with my sexuality I will admit that I look forward to the blue bottle being whipped out at the shabbos table- especially if I have to wait for regular drinks.

Old guys named Marvin and Irv who bicker in back of the shul on shabbos

Catching up on reading

Going to shachris, seems that shabbos is the only time I actually go

Kiddush clubs

The only time of the week I ever eat herring or chopped liver

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