Songs from the Key of Chanukah: CD Review

One of the perks of being a popular blogger is free stuff, so I jumped at the opportunity to review a new Chanukah CD put out by Erran Baron Cohen (Borat’s Brother)

Songs From the Key of Chanukah
is a very interesting album, it has some classics like the dreidle song and mao-tzur. But these songs are not your regular MBD versions, the CD features Y-Love rapping on several songs including the last song in which he tells the story of chanukah – its very clever. I also liked the English version of Mao Tzur which is entitled “Rock of Ages.”

Ocho Kndalikas is interesting although besides for the subject matter I wouldn’t necessarily call it a Chanukah song- although I have no idea what would classify a song as a Chanukah song in the first place.

Its definitely not a heimishe album, but that is probably why it sounds so good, I really liked the way they remade the classics with eclectic sounds and interesting vocals

Check out Y-Love performing with Erran Baron Cohen on the Conan O’Brien Show.