Tznius policed in Ramot want separate grocery lines

I was reading Yeshiva World News this morning and yes I read them even though they suck, mostly because I have to be up on the latest scandals and chumras to hit the frum community so I can poke fun at the stupidity.

They have an article about the Tznius Police in Ramot Daled, Israel that want to implement separate lines in the grocery store for men and women. In Meah Shearim I was in a bakery that did this, it was great in my opinion, it allowed a better view of the women in line. Imagine if all lines were separate you could look at the women in full view rather then trying to look at them discreetly as you unload your groceries and grab one of those dividers to protect your bananas from touching their yogurt chas v’shalom.

Actually the only problem I have with this new decree that is trying to compete with Saudi Arabia for tough laws on women so they can eventually ban them all together (I hear they are working on ways to have children and make kugel without women) is their reasoning behind it.

“According to people close to Rav Fuchs, it appears the growing concerns regarding youths hanging on the streets on Friday night have compelled the rabbi to act, hoping to introduce increasing neighborhood awareness to tznius and the need for parents to control the actions of their children towards preserving the integrity of the neighborhood.”

So the reasoning behind this decree is that it will decrease the number of youths hanging out in the neighborhood? WTF, who does the shopping for families? If these kids are hanging out I doubt they are doing shopping- especially “big shopping” which Rav Fuchs wants people to do at the beginning of the week.

Great idea but bad reasoning, I wonder what happens if you bring your daughter shopping?

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