The Treife Post

I was talking with my BT friend and she told me she used to go to Wendys and bench afterwards, she would also bring hot pockets with meat and cheese in them to school for lunch and she would bench as well.

I found this kind of interesting since I myself have experienced some treife episodes in which I debated whether to say a bracha or not, considering the fact that the food I was eating may have been kosher- sort of. I remember eating at Olive Garden which is actually the last time I ate treife and I totally said a shehacol because I wasn’t really so sure it was treife- I mean what’s in bread or salad, but the eggplant parm was definitely not too kosher.

Then these random thoughts got me thinking to Skittles, I think that the only thing I miss from my treife eating youth is skittles, this may be because we kept kosher but ate milchigs out only as a treat during our ski trips to Vermont, or that I didn’t actually start worrying about kosher candy until someone told me Skittles were made with bug parts or juice.

I do remember when I was 8th grade I found this Chinese place down the block from me with a $4.95 lunch special, I would tell my friends it was from the kosher place – if they would have actually cared – I am sure they could have realized the price discrepancy, but we were a bunch of kids who really didn’t care.

Then in high school I used to go to Bruegers Bagels because we had no kosher places to eat. I just really needed some sort of regular outlet, I just hate the feeling of not being able to eat anywhere, I think that’s one of the reasons that many people eat non-kosher besides for the fact that many people feel that nothing could be wrong with salads or bread.

If you could eat any treife food what would you eat?

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