Parshas Vayishlach- devar torah

Vayishlach – The journey.

By Yosef Serebryanski

There is an ancient saying; “More than the calf wants to suckle, the cow wants to give its milk”. A parent often wants to give to the child more than the child wants to receive from the parent. There are people who want to heal others, but the others are not ready. There are people who want peace in the world while there are others who only want it on their terms.

Many people fall into the trap of not recognizing an adversary, who sometimes appears in the guise of a friend. The oneness and peace that people want in the world will not just happen because we want it. There are hordes of people who are juxtaposed to those who seek peace. The people and groups who publicly speak for peace often have agenda issues. Leaders of groups (as well as the groups themselves) stand to lose their positions of power if and when peace is achieved. That fact, in of itself, can present a powerful obstacle to the attainment of this goal. A miracle is needed in order to correct this issue.

There are various messengers in life. And Jacob sent messengers before him to Esau his brother (Genesis 32:4). Some are physical and others spiritual. The messengers and messages often come back not received; or received, but misunderstood. One of the causes misunderstanding is fear. Fear is caused by even the best intentioned of people. This causes a reaction that leads to teaching families and society to act in ways that indicate fear instead of love and connection. The resulting blockages that occur in the hearts and minds of these people prevent them from seeing what is actually happening.

It is imperative that we clear the elements that block us. First one must be aware of the physical issues and properties of the water that we drink, the food that we eat and the air that we breathe. Additionally we must be aware of damage that we cause by our thoughts and/or often “-repressed” emotions. We may attempt to correct imbalances by using stones, colors, aroma, music, etc. All of these tools have the ability to block or open us as part of meeting our needs.

How can we, as individuals properly balance ourselves when internal and external changes are constantly affecting us? We can change our energy on a multitude of levels and in a variety of ways. However, the universe is still feeding us all of the negative elements and energies at the same time, as they are all part of this creation.

There are people that do healing on many levels in nature but they effect a very small balance in the universe. More awareness creates new balances and new balances create new imbalances since each moment is a new creation. It is a cycle that is endless because the source of where existence comes from is endless.

By channeling our energy we become a beacon of light and healing to others. Changes occur in the world at a very slow pace. We cannot wait until the changes occur because we are suffering now. How have our beliefs-based practices of thousands of years made things better? They have only increased our ability for tolerance. This has sustained mankind throughout the ages. Yet it has created a mentality that allows for laziness, non-participation and acceptance of certain type of abuses. Inaction may fuel many things (not necessarily all of those things are negative) but it generally does not promote progress.

Regarding the future, we often think or feel that something is going to happen and sometimes it does. Yet most of the time what does occur is something other than what we believed would happen. The connections we have with the past can bring us together in some way. Yet it is the connections of the future that hopefully will not have the limited issues that destroy us.

Everything in the universe carries a message from the Creator. Each carries its own vibration in this existence. A messenger is part of a relationship by virtue of its expression or placement in one’s personal puzzle. Keeping the heart and mind open and vibrant should generate enough love to share with all creation. Yet most people do not understand enough about this form of expression to support communication of this type.

Thus it is that one of the most important qualities that support future existence is lacking in an overwhelming portion of the world’s population.

Messengers exist as a medium within creation in order to demonstrate how we are all related and share in the responsibilities of carrying on our part in this existence. It does not matter from who and where the message originates. What matters is that even though on the surface it may seem to be comprised of separate parts, all of existence is actually one.

We are created as a the reflection of Above. Messengers are a reflection of our image. Why do we need messengers? Is it not better to speak face to face and deal directly? Angel in Hebrew is malach, which means messenger. Why not establish your own direct connection with the Creator? Do not allow fear or degeneration by others to convince you that you are incapable of doing so. Every day some angels are created, and some cease to exist. For those who insist, the messengers may remain for a while. Ultimately the only path will be a direct connection with the Oneness.

Perception – many people do not want wash their laundry in public. Yet is it acceptable for people to launder the public? When things go wrong it triggers “finger pointing.” One must consider political and/or religious correctness before considering whether or not to state the truth in public. More important than telling the truth is the worry about whether one’s statements will lead people to act in ways that are “not desirable”.

The values of Society are based on public opinion, without concern for what should guide them. The principals of truth, law and justice are only valuable to a certain degree. Lawmakers are often individuals who manipulate and abuse laws in order to hide their own shortcomings. Laws and justice are not relevant those individuals who conduct themselves properly. When society starts to come to terms with that truism (and there are people that have), it will begin to make the adjustments necessary to limit the forces that reign for the purpose of achieving its destruction.