Silach Lanu thoughts

While at this beginner BT minyan I realized something very interesting. This was the type of minyan that the people are just learning Hebrew and the ways of yiddishkeit. They take forever for everything and you are mostly sitting around and waiting.

While waiting for shmona esray to finish I noticed a man who was up to silach lanu. Instead of the normal quickly repeated clops he clopped very slowly and then paused with his fist clenched in mid air for about 15 seconds and did the second clop.

This got me thinking about something, most orthodox people clop so fast that its hard to believe they actually times up the words with the clops. I mean is it possible to say the words that fast that there is no pause whatsoever between the two clops for silach lanu? I have a little pause, is everyone just so absentminded during shmona esray that they merely clop without lining up the words with the clops?