Being called to make a minyan and they already started

This is sort of a continuation to the previous post to this- maybe it was a good thing to go because I thought of two posts.

I attended a hardcore BT minyan tonight, bu hardcore I mean that the Rabbi and I were the only people who could finish shmona esray in under five minutes and bow modem without breaking our spinal cords. I was called to the minyan by my roommate who needed a tenth man, fine, I really didn’t want to go but my yetzer tov got the best of me, it may have actually been my yetzer harah saying “dude God is going to smite your ass if you don’t get over there” regardless I started driving the 3 miles to get there.

Within several minutes of driving I came to the realization that it wasn’t just 3 miles, maybe it was a Texas 3 miles which meant it was more like 10 miles. Whatever case may be I was driving along cursing under my breath at having been pulled away from all important computer duties like facebook chat and replying to comments.

About 15 minutes into my drive I was called by my roommate who requested I come to say they got their tenth man and they didn’t need me. At this point I lost it, I went a little nuts basically saying that these people dragged my ass all the way out there and they better wait. I was super pissed, I mean to call me up and request my presence and not wait for me, they ended up waiting, but I am sure this happens to many people.