Non-traditional ways for yeshivas to raise money

With the recession and tuition crisis, yeshivas are running out of ways to make money. Chinese auctions are old and looked at as too fancy in some circles. Yeshiva dinners are overpriced, and events like garage and bake sales are a little too modern orthodox for most people- because tznius comes into question, how on earth does tznius come into question? Well can you imagine a garage sale with separate men’s and women’s sections?

Of course there are some progressive ways to raise money which yeshivas may have not thought of, some of them can be compared to the ways cities raise money and others maybe a bit unorthodox shall we say.

Ways yeshivas can raise additional funds

In every yeshiva there signs put up before out shabbosim or any other vacation period that tell the students to take their belongings out of the coatroom or beis medrish or any other public area. I feel that if yeshivas put the signs in more obscure places they could say the students were warned, and those who did not comply will have their stuff sold online or something. Imagine the value of all the left over seforim, hats and tefillin.

Another smart way that yeshivas raise money at the same time as disciplining their students is to set kenasim or fines for certain offences. In my school there was no uniform fine system it was kind of based on how many offenses you had. Imagine if every time someone came late to shachris they were fined, you could even set everyone’s clocks back and make them come in late. How about instituting fines for untucked shirts and caught wearing jeans (big offense in any yeshiva) never even knew what they had against jeans so much, besides for the fact a Jew invented them, maybe he wasn’t frum or something.

Room searches were always one of my favorite events, you got to see loads of dirty magazines, cd’s and illegal contraband taken away. Selling everything found in room searches instead of destroying in front of the student to make them feel bad would be a great fundraiser. I remember they used to break your cd’s in front of you, what a waste. Maybe they cant sell the porn magazines, but surely they can find some heter for selling the drugs, pretty much all the drugs in yeshiva nowadays are prescription meds anyway.

Sell those old shas sets that every yeshiva has on the bottom shelves gathering dust. I am sure you could find out if some famous Rabbi used them and even sell them as Rebbe memorabilia. On that note Rebbe memorabilia could be a great way to make money, find out which chair the rosh yeshiva sat in when he got smicha or maybe you can sell his old tzitzis or dried up esrog or something.

Other interesting ideas that may be a little out of the box as the shadchuns like to say:

Institute a hippie toilet policy, if its brown flush it down if its yellow let it mellow

Have the women sell their old sheitles online or something, instead of donating them

Kollel wife car wash – not sure people will want to see them in bikinis though
Kiss a kollel wife booth

Dunk the rosh yeshiva booth during a purim carnival

Having people like me perform at their schools

Special brownie bake sale

Cholent cook off

Chess tournament (because frummies love chess)