So nu how was the food?

What is the first question you ask when you hear about someone attending a wedding or some other celebratory event?

My father and I alike always ask about the food. Was the food good? How as the food? How was the shmorg? Was the main course any good? The question could be asked in so many ways and often times is, but for me it always comes down to the food.

No one ever seems to remember the food at events unless it was really good or really bad. My father will come home from a wedding ranting and raving about the food before I even had a chance to ask him.

Heshy you should have seen this rack of lamb they had, to die for. Unlike me he never really has anything to say about other wedding items like quality of single girls, height of the mechitza, quality of band, craziness of shtick or being able to understand who was called up to the give the brachos under the chupa. He seems to be lost on the food.

Whats first question you ask about an event?