You Tube has suspended my account for no reason

Lets just say I am a little heartbroken that You Tube has suspended my account, they didn’t give me a reason and they didn’t warn me- it was there one minute and the next it wasn’t. What sucks is that You Tube is that one place where all of the non-computer savvy people go, but it looks like I finally get to move up in the world and go to Vimeo and Metacafe which are both known to be way better then You Tube in the tech fields.

It really sucks because I had a whole following on you tube of people who don’t even visit this blog- with over 75 videos, 260 subscribers and 200,000 views total. But this is life, I must move on.

I have disabled comments on this post (never done that before) but I have done all I can- if you feel you really have something of utmost importance to say like how I can get my account back- because I have read loads of blogs and first hand accounts of people who this happened to- then email it to me at

Well everyone I have created a new you tube page