Where do you take your dates and how to judge them

When I heard about the lemon shidduch date frumkeit test I almost peed myself. This is when you are sitting in a hotel lobby and the girl orders a diet coke, does she tell them not to put a slice of lemon in her drink or not? If she ignores the slice of lemon in her drink she is not frum enough because obviously the lemon was cut with a treife knife and therefore she is eating non kosher. This can be done at starbucks as well, I mean how many people do you know who actually ask if their drink is kosher before they drink it, not many, because well “someone told them it was kosher” kind of like the “I saw it at so and so’s shalom zachor” or something of the sort.

Here is an old video I just found of me ranting about the topics listed above, and some crazy tangents thrown in. Please visit my You Tube page for more.