What is with frummy women always wearing black?

What is the deal with frum women and black lately?

I don’t remember when the trend shifted from navy and gray but the black is killing my eyes. It almost seems as if it’s a subconscious way to profile other frum women- since everyone is wearing black, the more “modern” ones are wearing other colors and the “slutty” ones may be wearing red. Wait wasn’t red banned anyway?

I am bothered by the black trend in frummy fashion if we must call it that, for several reasons. First off it is slimming, the obesity can be hidden in the shadows and if you take the angle of the sun into thought when taking pictures to post on your frumster or facebook profile you can lose 50 pounds. I also don’t like how boring it is, unless they have fishnets and a visible garter belt I really don’t see how black can be anything but boring.

So are frum women who don’t wear all black, especially on shabbos looked at in similar ways that frum men are looked at for not wearing dark suits and white shirts