3 years unlimited phone service for $70 No Joke!

I wish this were a paid advertisement!!!

So the classic hocker is one who find deals and knows people, or at least says he does. By the way, have you ever noticed that women are never hockers, whats up with that? For one of the first times in my life I feel like the coolest hocker on the block until someone finds me a better deal.

So anyway my roommate has this thing called the Magic Jack, which basically this USB drive with a phone jack at the other end. My roommate has been using it as his primary phone for a number of years and he noticed me moaning about my cell phone bill one day- so he passed the smarts on to me.

So I went to Magic Jack.com and it was $50 for the device which includes the first year service, when you sign up they throw all sorts of deals at you- I took the deal that offered me 2 years of service on top of the first year for $20. So when all was said and done I got the device plus 3 years of unlimited phone service (incoming and outgoing to any phone in the US and Canada) for $70- not bad. Right now the site is offering $90 for the device plus 6 years service- thats today!

I tried it out a couple times already tonight, my dad doesn’t have AT&T so I figured he would be the first to get a call. Upon installation the magic jack lets you choose any area code you would like, I chose a 917 number and in less then 5 minutes it was good to go. The device will install on any computer so you can carry it around with you and hook it in to any computer.

For those of you who have computers with built in microphones you do not actually need the phone- a digital keypad pops up and you can call any phone without the actual phone. My computer is considered antique and does not have a microphone built in so I am using a phone I got for a couple bucks at office depot.

For the record they recommend you not use a portable phone, but I have one and so far no complaints. I was going to just post the number for my phone here and see what happens- but I think thats a little “too” open- but if any random fans would like to chat- shoot me an email (frumsatire@gmail.com) and I’ll give you my new phone number.