Why I chose not to write about India

Since man y of you have commented and emailed me asking me to write something here it is. I didn’t write about the event because there is nothing to say,what another memorial- I did my own memorial- I don’t know I guess I would rather bring laughter then sadness. I was sitting at a shabbos table and someone mentioned it and all conversation stopped for like 10 minutes- maybe thats one of the reason. I just feel like bringing it up. Personal decision- stupid, maybe, but thats what I chose, and I am even pissed I have to write about it now.

I do wonder why people are suddenly complaining I don’t write about terrible events happening to Jews. There are blogs devoted to this sort of thing, go read one of the blogs that update daily about many Jewish people being killed in Israel every day- I just don’t do it.

I leave you with a sad but amazing song to get your mind in a sad mood because maybe thats what you wanted.