Lusting over sour cream donuts

Sour cream donuts are like no other donut, they are a completely different experience then most donuts. For they have a taste like no other donut, don’t believe me? Go and try one- the first time I tried one, I expected cream to come flowing from the breach made by my teeth, yet all I felt in my mouth was moist cake like donut, it tasted different then an ordinary donut and the unseen sour cream I had been so afraid of was nowhere in sight.

I wondered how donut companies could promote such false advertising, I mean a boston cream donut has cream inside, but sour cream donuts do not, hence making me wonder- what on earth a sour cream donut is? Trying to get someone to try a sour cream donut presents many issues, first off, who the hell wants sour cream in their donut- seems like a baked potato condiment to me, second off many people do not like cream in their donuts- so to convince someone to try it- is tough.

In order to show you the goodness of the sour cream donut, and to bring the sweet sensations only sour cream donuts can offer- I made this video of someone trying a sour cream donut for the first time.