Parshas Toldos devar torah

Relationships-Opening unquenchable Love

By Yosef Serebryanski

Relationships are about the tangible and the intangible. They are about the dealings between people and people as well as the rest of existence, on a physical and spiritual plane. It is the nature of relationships that often drives our behavior patterns in this world. Relationships are also about the manipulations or behavior of human beings as they navigate their way through life.

Giving thanks and feeling gratitude is an important part of oneness and sharing. In the future all information will be openly recorded in people’s hearts. It is not necessary to wait till the future. Open up and listen now! If you do that you will hear. This is also the concept of living with the Messiah, which is part of each person’s soul.

One way to navigate and get the best possible results is to listen carefully in order to discover which priorities to pursue. This entails opening oneself up to something that is beyond personal or present feelings and plans. This is because although the goal reflects what a person sees as being pertinent, it does not follow that that is the truest definition of success. It could be that just letting go is all that is needed.

Some times a person has a gift and blessing to impart. They think it should be used in one way but the Creator has it used in a different way. An example is the story of Yitzchok (Isaac) in Genesis chapter 27.

One interesting thing about many people is the need for instant results, instant gratification, from their actions. Then there are the scheming people who work on a long-term basis. When we don’t get what we expect, we tend to complain, whine, cry and protest the futility of pursuing what we have set out to do. Some people, however, catch onto that the answers may not reflect the final summation until a series of events have taken place, or that sometimes what has to take place has happened. The selfless and patient part of a person takes (or doesn’t take) action and waits to see what the end picture reveals.

This is true when it comes to the issue of destruction. People look at “minor” decay or destruction, and learn to accommodate it, or to go with the flow. They do this not realizing that the accumulation of decay over a period of time can lead to devastating results. Spiraling can work in many directions, and applies both to good as well as to bad results.

In the future people will not hide inside themselves. They will be open and will automatically share with others all the inner treasure that they possess. The issues of the past will not exist. Some have already begun to live in that future, yet as the world is going through transition, there are challenges.

If the oneness of the future depends on people, then we haven’t learned anything. As physical people we change but our basic nature does not. The truth of the joy and oneness in this age has definite issues. Being open to being in a new dimension brings forth other issues based on the limitations of that dimension.

Each person’s experience of love, joy, positive thinking, etc., has blind spots. Therefore we need to be attached to the original force from whence creation derives its definition (which is a definition-less source). If mankind were to become instantaneously “aware” of this, the issue would be resolved. We would not have to evolve to another dimension, as it all exists simultaneously here. Infinity and unquenchable love would flow openly.

People give their life for food, money, family or beliefs. The focus is so strong that unless something happens to shake that foundation that is where people continue to exist. Then there are people that are so attached to the spiritual and the light that they exist in that space. Having one’s objects of dedication eradicated leaves an incomprehensible void. Once the “raison-d’etre” no longer exists, the real starvation sets in. “And there was famine in the land in addition to the first famine which was in the days of Avrohom” (Genesis 26:1).

There are things that work only in short term only or only in long term and then there are things that are a bit of both. There are things that we judge as good yet they come to us in a round about way, through trickery, etc. Then there are things that we judge as bad but they seem to have little problem in getting what they want.

One never knows how a small innocuous idea can affect the whole. People speak about the power of positive thinking. This does not mean that every time you think in a specific direction that the thing you are thinking about will have the result that you desire. It does, however, mean that if one thinks in a positive direction, and takes positive actions whenever possible, the impact down the road may be positive, no matter the experience of the ups and downs along the way. Having strength of conviction to continue (no matter the circumstances) will ultimately lead to a place that will reveal to someone a puzzle of perfection that could never have been planned out by mortal man.

Meanwhile creation is a treasury of the Creator. Free laughter comes from having a leader that brings out the oneness in creation. The leader gives birth to true joy among the nations and opens people to the oneness in existence. There are many leaders but they often feel a need to control, whereas Abraham let each child be their own individual self.

Eventually this led to a division where, although people did not always understand, all individuals were deserving of the blessings in creation. We should be sharing and taking joy in each other’s blessings, yet personal issues often prevent people from doing so. Our lifestyle and family issues cause many blockages of the heart and mind.

There is a balance in the world encompassing ups and downs, ins and outs, sadness and joy that all combine together to produce a perfect solution to every situation. The fact that we cannot always see it does not make the universal order miserable or unsympathetic. It only indicates our miniscule and undeveloped understanding of a plan that transcends our individual purposes here.