Nefesh B’nefesh now offers singles flights to Israel

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Now how about that for the ultimate in singles events, you are making aliyah anyway so why not hop on a singles flight to Israel run by Nefesh B’nefesh. I can almost see a record being broken for inductees into the El Al mile high club, although I can imagine the hell you have to go through if you got stuck next to someone you previously dated or just plain older didn’t get a long with.

Then again what if you did get along and she was your Bashert- do I sound like your Rebbe yet? There is nothing quite like getting on a plane and having that super hot girl sit next to you- I have prayed a million times that the girl walking up the aisle would plop down next to me, it has happened on the train by the way, and I even got her number- but I never called.

But a plane ride to Israel is different, when I eventually go to Israel for an extended stay and possibly forever I would love to hop on one of Nefesh B’nefesh’s singles flights. I wonder if they play spin the bottle or spin the tefillin bag or something? Do all the hottest singles get to sit in first class? Do they have round robin seating? If so I would stay put when I got to an exit seat.