Why I don’t celebrate thanksgiving

I know your probably expecting some answer like my Rabbis and pretty much every person in the right wing frum world says “we give thanks every day” but thats not really it. The truth is I am lazy and just don’t feel the need to celebrate. What most people do anyway is far from any sort of celebration, people are off work and they eat a big meal then sit down on the couch and watch football or go to the movies. How is that any different from a Sunday afternoon after church and breakfast at I-hop. Seems like the same thing to me.

In my opinion attending a meal for thanksgiving isn’t really celebrating- you know how many times I have heard divrei thanksgiving at a meal? Or people even mentioning why we are giving thanks? None- never, nadda, zilch- you just dont hear folks philosophizing about thanksgiving much, sure I can philosophize about stuffing (I love the stuff- no pun intended) but the only time I ever hear people giving their incite about thanksgiving is when they bemoan the fact that thanksgiving was probably done after a day of Native killing and land stealing.

I was going to be treating this thanksgiving like any other, I probably would have done some blogging, rode my bike and maybe hopped in my kayak, but while in shul yesterday (might I add that I have attended more weekday shul in Dallas during my 1-1/2 week stay here – than during my entire 8 months in Monsey) I was invited to a Thanksgiving meal by some native Texans who are very jolly folks judging from the 3 minute conversation that transpired.

So I guess if you call having a grand old meal with some people I never really met, celebrating Thanksgiving I may actually be doing it this year.

Do you celebrate Thanksgiving? Do you not? Why yes or why not?