Do you show off your learning skills in shul

Ever notice that one guy in Modern Orthodox shuls that seems to whip out the hugest sefer at the most inopportune times, as if he is trying to get people to stare? You know, he opens up to some random page in an artscroll gemera and starts tracing the lines with his hand, and arguing with himself during anim zemiros

I almost feel like he’s trying to say to the rest of us davening “you know it, I’m so much more knowledgeable and religious then you” even though in many shuls those little parsha sheets they have always say in fine print that they should not be read during torah reading or davening. I do wonder when one is supposed to read them. Rabbis speech, yigdal, little kids choir at the end of davening???

Regardless, for some reason every modern shul has to have one of the “holy than thou” learning solo during chazaras hashas guys. Even though it says explicitly on the top of those random email sheets around shul not to read it during certain times.