Staring at girls in the balcony hurts my neck

For those of you unfamiliar with the workings of the Upper West Side singles scene – Oheb Tzedek is the shul that you must go to for Friday night, on shabbos morning you must go to the Jewish Center. It boggles my mind how different the sanctuary setups of OZ and the Jewish Center are.

While the Jewish Center has the traditional low mechitza found in modern orthodox shuls which allows the men and women to see clearly without cracking your neck or stretching too much. Baiscally the Jewish Center has a nice setup for staring at the girls, which is common practice in any singles community.

OZ on the other hand is almost as bad as trying to look at girls in a black hat shul with separate entrances- it’s a balcony and its very high up- this requires one to squint and stare up into the rafters in order to see anything. Unfortunately for the men (the women have it real good) you really cant see much and have to wait for the end of services for the scene to begin.

I was talking with my new roommate in Dallas about this and he completely disagreed, he says he loves OZ because when he davens, he tends to look up. I found this hilarious, he gave me permission to write whatever I want about him and he should provide great material for he is single 33 and takes shidduch trips to NY every few months when his saw you at Sinai or frumster dates fill up- he then rushes to NY for what I call a shidduch marathon which is when you go out with multiple girls during a short period of time – not a common practice in the frummy world, but very common for out of towners who don’t want to move to NY to find their bashert. He calls himself a business traveler for shidduch purposes.