Link Dump

I rarely do link dumps- but you know what I have a few links to share and so they are going into one big post.

Do we really need another Jewish You Tube? Well the folks at Kosher Tube seem to think so. It happens to be a very nice and shall we say expensive looking site so obviously they are hoping to make it big. Every video put on the site is first reviewed by moderators so you are not to find anything objectionable.

Then we have after many moons a new issue of The Knish which is definitely of interest to Frum Satire fans because its similar in nature. You must check it out because it is quite funny, poking fun at the frum the community in a newspaper like way.

For some reason I never wrote a full explanation of what a Jewish Blogger Carnival is- it is a compilation of a bunch of posts from around the Jewish Blogsphere every single week. Each week it is run by a fellow Jewish blogger and people use the Jewish Blog Carnival submission form to submit a post for that weeks edition- I submit every week for it brings new traffic to my blog and its a great way to get new people to your blog. Contact Jack who runs the show for more information or if you would like to host!

The Kosher Cooking Carnival (current issue) is similar in nature but it focuses on anything Jewish and food related. I sometimes submit posts to this one as well. Submit posts here. To host a Kosher Cooking Carnival or for more information contact Batya.

I really should link and read blogs more- the only blog I can honestly say I read every day is Dov Bear, but I have found a new one or the new one found me either way, that may be interesting enough to follow. Nameless Faceless is written by a girl or women you never know these days and I like her writing style- reminds me a bit of myself.

Last but not least I work for an advertising agency and one of the companies we work for buys used and junk cars over the phone. I figure some of you may be trying to get rid of a car so therefore do me a favor and call them 1800-673-1812 if you want to sell your car and not hassle with regular classifieds and dealers.

Ok thats it!