Parshas Chayei Sarah

Life: Duality – Balance – Oneness by Yosef Serebryanski

Infusing balance into the duality of life brings out the oneness in creation.

And the life of Sarah was one hundred years and twenty years and seven years, the years of the life of Sarah (Genesis 23:1).

Since words in Hebrew have many meanings, here is another way to explain the sentence: ‘And (the flow of) the life of administration (the forces that administrate in this creation), made peace with change on the level of one hundred, change on the level of twenty, change on the level of seven, on both levels (body and soul) of the existence of administration.’

In the spiritual realm, the number 7 represents the relationship to all emotional expressions, levels or worlds. The number 20 is significant of the relationship to a level of soul that is relevant to one’s responsibility for one’s actions. One hundred (100) is representative of transcending the demands of ordinary life.

A person is a combination of the tangible and the invisible. Individuals are bombarded by a combination of opposite factors that are physical and spiritual or external and internal. This often frustrates people because of the challenges they pose. Sometimes it is difficult for a person to know how to act or react, whether to act upon intuition, feeling and thoughts or on what others want. A person must develop a sense of clarity to know whether to accept or discard the messages that are received.

Many people operate within a system of dual personalities. There is the side of them that they portray to the outside world and the one that is private to the person and/or a close circle of family or friends. It is a true challenge to be able to balance one’s personal beliefs with the understanding of and respect for the beliefs of the outside world.

Once a person is able to make peace with the divergence of opinions, then the true self is able to emerge – unafraid of taking a stand and expressing and teaching openly. The goal is to be able to do so in a way that does not cause offense, and thereby invite attack by people of different viewpoints. The inner peace that is achieved will enable the individual to project in a more loving and positive manner, effectively leading the world towards a better path.

And Abraham was old (wise), coming with days (due to the experiences of his life) (Genesis 24:1). This wisdom taught him how to teach and guide future generations, each in his/her own unique direction. Abraham taught the oneness of the Creator.

Abraham and Sarah represent two people who set the foundation for future generations. Therefore insight into the meaning of their story could give us glimpses of what we are looking for. When a leader makes peace with the physical and spiritual world simultaneously, this creates an environment for higher spiritual beings to come into this planet. It gives the next generation what it needs.

Much of the wisdom that we know comes from the people of previous generations who experienced various changes in life. Many calls for change are not based in the lessons of the past; rather they reflect frustrations of the past. Changing things in order to respond to past frustrations does not address the issues of the present. Thus the result is often that change can create more confusion and lead to destruction in the future. Leaders who understand this conflict will project a plan that talks about addressing each issue, as it is relevant in current time.

How we relate to the past and the future has an effect. Some people are not able to distinguish between what part of the past is no longer relevant and what remains pertinent to deal with in regards to the future. Letting go of past issues remains a huge stumbling block to those who pursue the future. The inability to let go of the past has the power to cause many people to lose their way and it will leave many stuck and/or wandering around in confusion.

There are those who believe that life begins when we come into the physical world. There are also those who believe that life begins when we leave this world.

When a soul comes into a body it usually takes much time for it to be able to become accustomed to the body. The transformation that happens to a person usually takes many years as it generally takes many years before a body is able to accommodate being spiritually open. (Yet there are instances when something happens to take the time out of the equation.)

So although we are born with an open soul, it is often suppressed while we are young (and sensitive) because many younger adults have not yet attained the senior level of expanded comprehension. This makes it easier to understand why, often times, young children have the ability to get along better with grandparents than they do with their own parents.

Much of a person’s life purpose is to bring a stronger light into this world through children and grandchildren. When one light leaves another is already in place. This is both a physical and spiritual concept. Life is like a revolving door. We go in and out, but where do we end up?

Death reflects the separation of the spiritual soul from the physical body. It is the unloading of the physical that has had its pronounced time to achieve its bodily goals and missions. The bodies representing completion of such missions release the soul to a different path than those that did not complete their purpose.

Thus it is that when a person dies and the soul leaves the body, it is the understanding and relationship between that body and soul that determines the path that the soul takes. The same is with the future, depending on our relationship between our self and the rest of creation will depend where we end up.

In order to be able to fix the direction or stagnation of an individual, a person first has to become aware of their issues, take a look at the limits of those issues, and then consider when or how they can step beyond them. Making this move requires a bold spirit that is ready for acceptance and balance in regards not only to oneself, but also to the greater universal order.

Living in this world is not easy for most people. Existing beliefs and control systems in this world have taken advantage of this fact. Under the guise of helping people, many systems try to limit the inner or creator power in the body and of the soul. It is abusive to manipulate by playing on people’s fear of the unknown that is heightened by their imagination. Yet this is how some utilize their “power” to control people.

Coming into this world starts the process of leaving it as well. This sounds very strange, yet it is a balance that is naturally occurring. We are here because we are supposed to be here. We are positioned to complete our individual and/or complimenting part of group purposes here and then remove ourselves from the bond that connects us with this place.

By becoming open to light, we contribute to making the next generation more complete. Only by seeking to do so can we progress to where we are expected to go.