What do you think of Polygamy?

I have never actually thought of polygamy before, besides for the few times I have heard that some sephardic folks still take more then one wife and the several times I have found myself staring at large multi wived families in Utah. But seriously why would anyone want another wife, its hard to handle one- imagine having two bickering-nagging wives who may be in competition over you or over themselves- well I guess two women in competition with me aint too bad.

Come to think of it, if you can separate your two wives so they don’t get their periods at the same time you can time it so you never have to worry about needa- but then mikvah night just wont be the same.

The following message was left on my facebook wall by a fan who happens to be a convert.

Most converts to Judaism are women.Most babies born to Jewish homes are women.Mostly men are leaving Orthodox Judaism.I think we all agree we need more Jews in the world. The ways to get more Jews are bigger Jewish families and more converts. Mostly, though, Jews look to the natural option, more Jewish babies. If women outnumber men, and all … Read More Jewish men are monogamous, there is an obvious problem. The solution?

Support polygamy!

Now why is it that when someone like me comes out and says this no one takes me seriously?