Kugel Attack in Meah Shearim!!!

So instead of setting aside stones to throw at people not obeying their chumros, the Charedim in Meah Shearim are using potato kugel. Well at least according to this Yeshiva World News article with the same title as above. Of course I cannot find anything about this anywhere on the web, so lets just think its some sort of joke, a funny one at that.

This Rabbi was attacked by Meir Pourish supporters who are pissed they lost. I wonder if this will happen in America when all the McCain supporters form some sort of revolution-armed with kishke and kugel they will fight against the liberal oppressors.

I guess they couldn’t get the stones in shul and they picked up the best thing to throw, hey at least it wasn’t a shulchan aruch attack, that would have hurt real bad.

I wrote about this issue once in my guide to Jewish food fights.