My first dumpster diving adventure

I was in Cleveland for a couple of days hanging out with a couple friends of mine who had moved to Cleveland to found the Tiferet Jewish Artists Colony, why anyone would move to Cleveland that didn’t have to is beyond me – but they seem to be enjoying it and liking the area. They are both the struggling artist types who work for low wages and have brilliant minds.

I was the artist in residence as they helped me develop my act into something a little more marketable and try to get me to be able to tell people what it is I do “because its not stand up” in their terms it is called “performance art” so we were hanging out and my buddy Jesse says, “hey lets go Dumpster Diving”.

Jesse and Joe on a mission!

Having never gone dumpster diving for food, I have dumpster dove for books before, I was pumped. We went to a local gourmet grocery store with flashlights and bags and didn’t get into the dumpster, but found loads of cool stuff. I was explained dumpster diving etiquette, and the proper ways to dumpster dive, IE only going after closing hours, and not broadcasting the exact location of the dumpster.

We hit a gold mine and it brought me into a whole different culture, don’t get me wrong, I have friends that do this sort of thing – but I have never really done it, it was amazing and it is super fun sticking it to the man as you might say. In NYC you can go into the Anarchist book stores and they have dumpster diving maps and locations and who has the best stuff. Here are some pictures of the stuff we got.

The best finds for the night was definitely a case of green protein shakes similar to Odwala juices but a different brand, a caramel coffee cake, 2 cartons of eggs, 3 bags of organic baby aragula, 2 bags of organic pears, a box of organic grapes, bags of sunflower seeds and raw walnuts, sealed packages of smoked salmon and blintzes and some whole wheat bread, and two sealed cans of frest roasted coffee beans.


I am wondering if any of my readers are into dumpster diving, if so I want to hear about it in the comments. I feel that in these rough times more an d more people will start to dumpster dive, not necessarily a good thing- although I wonder if thats what Kollel wives do on their free time to supplement their husbands learning income.