I went to Kosher Fest today and I’m moving to Texas tomorrow

Visit KosherCookingcarnival.com for more videos of me interviewing people at kosherfest.

Yes I gave it away, how long can you keep it a secret, but my company finally gave me the go and I will be meandering my way along through the mid west with stops in Cleveland and Detroit until I reach my new home in Dallas. It shall be interesting and I shall keep you posted.

I have much to say about kosher fest, but unfortunately for you folks I really can’t get into it now, with the move and all. In fact I am going to post up two quick videos I took at the festival and have to write about it some other time. I wont be posting as much as a normally do for the next week or so, probably once a day- like the old days.

These videos are both under 2 minutes long.

Frum Satire Goes to Kosherfest 2008 pt1

Frum Satire Goes to Kosherfest 2008 pt2