Parshas Lech Lecha-devar torah

Moving – on the go.

As change occurs, opportunities open up. The sequence of what happens here is paralleled in the spiritual realms. The chain of events triggers the awakening of the people’s spiritual consciousness. At the same time limitations are revealed that parallel each new opening. The shift alerts us to the fact that the time for new movement of physical and spiritual nature is now.

People know that things are changing. However there are many who only see it on a superficial level. Yet there are those who realize that what we see is a reflection as well as a smoke screen for what is happening on deeper or higher levels.

Avrom, go, to connect higher and deeper, from your natural environment and tendencies to the desires that the Creator will show you (Genesis 12:1). This journey has taken mankind thousands of years. Each individual person and group has carried a specific part of the journey.

People are waiting to see the how the world’s leaders respond to their needs. Not much can change since each leader is obsessively delineating his/her position with oratory and fanfare. Projections will run high but actions will fall short and lead to disappointment. Many people will remain stuck in their natural environment and behavior patterns.

Prophecies will abound, but in these times a wise person is worth more than a prophet. Mortals are incapable of creating the type of alterations that are truly needed. Only the Creator can wield the force necessary to restore things to right.

In the meanwhile, each person is being given time to contemplate his or her own place in the creation. As people search, strange things may happen as a new direction suddenly opens. We continue our journey to another space, disconnecting from much of where we came from. A place has already been set up for us in the origin of creation and we are now coming close to our reconnection.

With the opposite polls of darkness and light enveloping the world, there are some major forces that continue to bring confusion and difficulties even as it brings about blessings. Meanwhile we must still deal with the issue of removing and balancing our existing openings or blinders.

As always, there exists internal and external movement on a variety of levels. The higher and deeper we go the more we need to balance our internal sensitivities. The exponential expansion makes the task harder to accomplish, but one that must be attained. That which begins as an internal balance expands to balancing with all creation.

What surrounds us perpetuates an imbalance (which is also a form of balance from a broader perspective.) Of the many causes that affect people’s lives, the majority are those that cover up underlying movements. One of the processes that occur in society is the creation of various clouds that obstruct vision of reality. This creates an environment full of individuals that do not see or think independently of the powers that be.

Where should our focus be, on a person or on the Creator? Are we able to rise above our natural tendencies or will we remain under the spell and control of other people’s directives? Are we still attached to the old system of money, politics, religion and social orders or can we, finally, move forward?

People are blinded by their feelings and often do not listen to their intuition. They are controlled by the dictates of others. We must listen to the internal heart and soul for direction that is beyond society’s parameters. Then we will understand how to follow our intuition and our hearts. The exact directions will vary in each person, just as the balance in each person varies.

The first time that we make a little hole and peek through the smokescreen to see the stars we will realize that we want more. As the people demand more truth and light, those in control sense the fact that they are losing their power. This unleashes in them a need to create more distortion. It transforms life into a journey through the muck.

As everything is temporary, so are the illusions that those in power seek to create. Having their limitations, they will fall apart in due course, taking down with them everyone who clung to falsehoods.

When one individual learns to see the Creator life force in everything, no force can block that person from seeing the truth. When many individuals do this it creates the impetus for more people to do the same. Combined, they will overpower the forces and illusions that block people. Then those powers will simply cease to exist.

This is about the new beginnings. But, it is also about the fact that a new beginning signifies the ending of what came before. In order to get to the new life we must close the door on our past. We must walk free of the past constraints and lifestyle. We must travel the route that connects us with the Creator. We must connect ourselves firmly and then let go. The wake up call has been sent. It is up to us to choose to respond and walk onwards to our new place, secure in our connection and secure in the Creator’s love.

There are no righteous people just as there are no non-righteous people. All is the Creator and we live together as an expression of the internal oneness that resides within.