First there was Only Simchas, then there was Only Yizkor

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I remember a few years back, someone created a site similar to Only Simchas that was called Only Tzaras. Baically mocking Only Simchas by placing all sorts of bad events like broken engagements and yeshiva bochrim marrying people below their yichus level. It was fun but short lived.

Then my buddy had an idea for a site called saying that it could be expanded to broken-shidduchim as well because the next time your at shul and say mazel tov on someones anniversary or upcoming engagement you will already have known they were not attached anymore. Seems like a novel concept to me – instead of angry phone calls and bashing your spouses family for steeling the kids you might as well just post up incriminating pictures on Only Gittin with expanded broken shidduchim subpage.

Then there was, which actually a pretty serious site, but a damned good idea (no pun intended) if you ask me. Some of you may argue that a few shots of scotch and piece of kichel at 7:30 in the morning once a year is a worthy honor to a loved one that has passed on – but for some reason it doesn’t strike me as so.

Others may say that praising the lords name during kadish, and haggling for an aliyah on Yom Kippur in your loved ones name is also some sort of honor. I never really saw angry aliyah haggling as so – but suit yourself. seems way better then all the wild turkey shots in those little plastic cups on a weekday morning after shachris. After all, aren’t we supposed to remember all the cool stuff that our passed on loved ones did.

Things like the dirty jokes your uncle harry used to tell over thanksgiving dinner, or when your Aunt Marge used to come to the table naked, or how about that time Grandma chased those pesky door to door salesmen out with a rolling pin that still had challah dough on it. Well at you can do all that and more.

You can post photos, stories, videos and comments about anyone who passed away. I hear they even have a live feed up in heaven and on their yerzteits people can watch it, kind of like mail for the dead.

And being that the service is free I am contemplating making a memorial for my Mom, may she rest in peace.