Obama win makes frum Jews more racist then ever

For all those of you living under a rock, orthodox Jews are notoriously racist, they are proud and they dislike blacks. Most of you would agree and those of whom I am talking about would proudly proclaim at a shabbos table, or simcha that they in fact do not like blacks. The Obama win has blown this out of proportion, I may be basing this on the numerous racist text messages I received yesterday from friends of mine or the disgusting comments said at what could only be called “a meeting of the Jew Klux Klan” which was supposed to be an election party.

Here are two of the numerous text messages received yesterday:

Its all Lincolns fault – he would be rolling in his grave

The only reason why Obama is in the lead is because black people don’t work, lets see what happend at 5pm when all the white people get out of work (3 people sent me similar ones)

God Help us

Some of you more liberal folks may be stunned but I wasn’t at all. In fact as mentioned above the election party I attended reminded me of shiur in yeshiva. If it was just statements like “I hope they assassinate that N” it would have been fine. But statements like “I wish someone would fly a plane into the stage” and “why haven’t they lynched him already?” or “who wants to bet on how long it takes for him to be shot” were completely ridiculous. Hoping anyone will be killed who is not proven to be evil or even harmful at all is assinine and most probably against the Torah.

But based on my experience this is nothing new, it sucks but its nothing new. I kind of approached this last night and everyone in the room agreed that they were proud racists and that it would be a great thing if Obama was killed and Biden became president.

Funny because no one really mentioned the common known frummie fact that Obama works for Al Queda. In fact besides for his being black and his wife having a big booty all that was really talked about was how they would have all voted for Hillary over Obama (sure) and how Joe Bidens family was very good looking.

I am not saying that you have to be politically correct and call him African American (he actually is) or be all nice. But come on people, you are all complaining about his anti-semitic accomplices and then you go around sounding like a bunch of Neo Nazis.