Most amusing Facebook status updates about Obama win!

My Status update that said “I wonder if Obama haters will admit it if he does a good job?” has received 95 comments as of now. I think that may be a record, thanks to a fan I was able to compile this list of random “friends” facebook status updates from the last few hours since Obama’s win. The names have been removed and I would love it if you could pick out the ones you like best, or tell me about some good ones you may have seen.

Best status updates from Facebook after the Obama win:

Thinks people read and watch fox news to much and do not understand what the president does and does not do.

is happy I live in Israel.

is disappointed McCain lost but can’t help but be moved by proud, joyous emotion that this great country will have a black president.

thinks that a secular society should be governed by secular principles and that the struggle for marriage equality is not over.

Thatโ€™s Mine: wonders if Obama haters will admit it if he does a good job

R.I.P. The United States of America ~ 1776-2009.

figures if Obama can win just based on a platform of change (what is change?) I will run on the platform of “alteration” people are so damn ignorant.

is thankful he didn’t got to Med School…aint gonna be no ‘socialized law’…

noach son cham was supposed to be a slave not a president

is amused that Obama picked the Jew in congress who speaks fluent Hebrew, sends his kids to day schools, and davens in an Orthodox shul to be his Chief of Staff.

thinks Dukakis had a worse name then Obama.


is rather disgusted..woohoo let’s socialize medicine and tax the rich more and just give even more welfare to the lazy Americans!

likes the new recipes he’s been trying lately…CHANGE is good ;-).is looking forward to Reverse Affirmitive action…will this make it easier for me to get into Med school now?

president barack husein obama yurim hoido.

Donated his status to Pollard – Call the White House and ask for Pollard to be pardoned. Comments: 202-456-1111 Switchboard: 202-456-1414 FAX: 202-456-2461.

is home sick…physically…not to mention abt our new prez…visitors welcome- at ur own risk…


is still amazed by Obama’s win! I just might have to become patriotic now!!! :-D.

is just curios how the people of America voted for someone who would sit down and talk with terrorists…and in not sayin that racially!

had a series of really weird dreams, but none that involved President O.

finds it funny that people prefer a constitutional monarchy to a socialized democracy. In other words, how would moving to Canada vastly improve your life?

wants to plan a road trip to DC for 1/20/09. Kids and I are off of school. Just need to convince hubby…

is wondering why everyone thinks that what happens to ISrael is up to the U.S president & not HaShem…amha…ah why do we miss the point???

is wondering if they going to paint the white house in black???? !!!!!!! i know i know that s an easy jock!!!

asks, how can you claim to move the country forward when you are dialing it back to the 70s?

is OK screw it. It’s hopeless. Enjoy WWIII, higher taxes, talks with Ahmadenijad, having an anti-american president, you’ll all see this “change”.

is thrilled to call Obama her president! And makes her think of the Queen song, “Made in Heaven” google the lyrics :-).

knows better than to discuss the election with her friends.

is wow that was a slap in the face (obama victory).

Obama is mah homeboy whos getting me into college (thanks rachel!)

is ?? cant understand y the brightest moment in our nation’s history is seen as the darkest by so many. im confused.

Thinks people do not understand.

it’s a very dark day for Americans and they don’t even know it.

was surprised by the ass-whooping.

thinks that mccain should sue american voter for discrimination!

is donning an Obamica.

says even Mickey mouse would have beat George Bush. its no surprize that Obama won people were sick of the Bush Doctrine. Sometimes it good to Dream !!!!

is sure there are fireworks all over the middle east and the axis of evil states.

is partying @ Work bc of the new great president we have ๐Ÿ™‚

is waiting for Obama to buy some presidential bling.

is delighted by the presidential outcome, and upset about all the anti-gay initiatives that passed in California, Florida, Arkansas, and Arizona.

is thrilled about Obama and is keeping her fingers crossed for NO on Prop 8 in CA. Enough ridiculous bigotry.

wants to move to Australia….who’s coming with me!?!?

wonders what’s going to happen to all the Sarah Palin wigs…

is OMG!! I can’t believe it. RIP America. Oh well, it was a nice dream for a couple of years…at least now, we will live in a Socialist utopia, Comrade!

is proud of his blue county and impressed by the slim margin of McCain victory in Texas.

โ€œ Oy Vey! The holocaust is coming!!!!!!! โ€ check out the comments on this site..

is very busy calling his friends in the IDF… Maybe, just maybe one of the snipers he knows can pick off Nobama.. **crosses fingers**.

is thinking,to the ones who dont believe in hell, can you imagine what Lincoln is going through?!?!

can feel the happy on this campus right now.

says “Welcome to Woordow Wilson Part II…”.

would like to thank everyone who voted for the giant wuss that is going to destory our country! GOOD JOB!

is offering honorary quebec citizenship to all americans, WE CAN OUST THESE FRENCHYS!!

never, ever, EVER, EVER wants to hear black people say that this country is racist ever again. thank you!

is saying, the Dems have complete control and no excuses. Make this country a better place or lose in 2 years.

CNN: Mexico government spokesman jaun Rivera confirms they since Obama won, are building a gate so Americans shouldn’t cross to Mexico illegally.

wouldn’t have minded Obama for the presidency……in Kenya that is.

wishes the present-elect and the country the best of luck – we’re going to need it.

made brownies.

Excitement about Obama is premature. Glad slots passed in MD, and go FCC in opening white spaces!!

is sad that peopke are stilll so close minded, and sexist that ithey refuse to elect a woman to be vice president and a handicapped person to be President.

just watched Obama’s victory speech and is inspired and thrilled.

reflects: God will bless America when America blesses God. Until then, we eat the fruit of our own way.

is making Aliyah plans.

can not wait to see Ob/sama’s Birth Certificate produced for the Supreme Court.

is horrified at the election results–but she knew she would be. WTF?! PROP 8?!

is confident in the American future with our new president.

wishes President Obama the best of luck & prays that American Jews read all the signs & for once, understand & do what they should.

is hoping people understand what G-d is trying to tell us

Democrats are taking over everything ahhh! No president has had as much power as Obama will since FDR. pray…

wishes well to America and invites Jews to come home to Israel. Aliya is the anwser.

“The greater the desire to perform humanitarian deeds through legislation, the greater the violence required to achieve it.” — Ron Paul.

“A man’s admiration for absolute government is proportionate to the contempt he feels for those around him.” — Alexis de Tocqueville.

is sadly ripping my shirt, and saying shema for America.

is hoping President-elect Obama can put the $$ where his mouth is and strengthen the economy…stay tuned..

is celebrating Obama’s victory and appreciating McCain concession speech, maybe we’ll have an American government

“Capitalism is the fullest expression of anarchism, and anarchism is the fullest expression of capitalism.”.

went to check out mexico today.

Someone who declares openly in public that he will support the idea of dividing Jerusalem cannot be a president of America…!!! No way…!!!!