How was your voting experience?

I have encountered a lot of people who said they didn’t vote in New York state because it makes no difference if you vote Republican so you might as well not vote at all. I happen to disagree wholeheartedly, think about all of the people who said this – does it not make it worthwhile to show Republican candidates that it is worth it campaign in NY. What if so many people said this that it was enough to swign the vote.

This will be the first time in election history that I will not reveal who I voted for – I just can’t come to terms with my decision – but I am curious to hear about your expereinces. Were the lines long, I spoke to a guy at the skatepark in Bay Ridge today who told me he waited on line for 2 hours – would you have waited?

Did you see anything interesting on the way or while you were there? Did you refrain from voting because you couldn’t make up your mind like some people I know?