Man posing as YWN editor tries to get me to shut up

I guess last weeks post pissed people off enough to make someone create a false email address and email me posing as a Yeshiva World News editor, claiming that someone had emailed him the link to my post VIN vs. YWN.
I was honored to say the least and then when Dov Bear who is also a staunch Yeshiva World News critic told me that the email address should have been instead of the gmail address it was- I was even more honored that a website that gets 5 million hits a month would go through the trouble to try and “talk” to me off the record. I assume they were kind of mad that number 5,6, and 7 in google is taken up by that article.
I must say that this seems like an ill attempt at shutting the critics up. But that is the brilliance of blogs and web user generated content, it creates a kind of transparency that news agencies (I wouldn’t really call Yeshiva World News a news agency)  never had to deal with before.
If you can’t take the heat get out of the kitchen: Maybe they will write a post condemning me – I davened for that this morning.
Received via email:

Yeshiva World <>

Good morning,
My name is Zev Zweig.
I am a writer, and chief of the YWN NYC Bureau.
Someone just sent me a link to your blog, and what I read (in the comments) was shocking.
Very shocking.
I’d like to talk to you off the record (via email), if possible.
Looking forward to your response,
Zevy Zweig.