How do you prepare for a date?

A couple of weeks ago I was reading one of the articles in the Jewish Press singles section about a girls point of view concerning singles shabbatons. She stated that one month before the event girls will start dieting, excercising and thinking about what to wear. I got to thinking, if they spend so much time preparing for a singles shabbaton kal vachomer they must spend a pretty good amount of time preparing for a date. The article went on to talk about how little time men spend preparing for a date or shabbaton and I couldn’t agree more.

In fact one of the reasons I dislike dating is that I have to shave, put on nicer clothing and clean my car. But I do it ghetto style and I am sure plenty of you men do it too – but may not be willing to admit.

How I prepare for a date:

Clean my car – this is usually done on the side of the road a mile or so from the girls house. I gather all of stuff from the floor and dump it behind the seat. Then I take any bikes I may have on my roof rack and throw them in back. I then cover everything in my rear with a sheet and spray the car with whatever artificial spray I may have lyiong around. Deoderant, cologne- whatever.

Change Clothing – after I clean my car I usually change on the side of the road as well. Shows how much I like dressing up and after the date I usually change a mile or so from where I dropped the girl off.

Shave – I hate shaving midweek, to me its an erev shabbos thing. If only I could hit puberty already and grow normal amounts of facial hair I could do one of those five o’clock shadow deals.

Withdraw money from the ATM – there is nothing like being stuck in a heimishe establishment that doesn’t take credit cards. There is also nothing quite like the look on a girls face when you take her up on her usually fake offer to pay. Priceless!

Gas up the car – because you want to be able to burn rubber should the girl not resemble her facebook picture.

I am trying to add to the list to make the women feel good, but honestly it takes me about 5-10 minutes to prepare for a date. Don’t judge men based on me, because I myself don’t date fancy women, in fact I wish I could just wear shorts and a t-shirt on dates.