I am moving out of Monsey

There have been many rumors in the Blog-velt that frum satire is moving out of Monsey. As I recall Utubefan commented on my original post when I said I was going to be moving from Albany to Monsey that I wouldn’t last a year. Indeed I have lived in Monsey since March of this year and this week will be my last week – hopefully forever.

Its not really that I dislike Monsey or the people, in fact since March I have spent a total of 6 shabbosim in Monsey and most of my time was spent away since I was laid off from my job in Monsey in August. Since then I have assumed a transient exitsance floating around the east coast with computer in hand.

My company has an office in a city far away and they said I was welcome to try it out for a few months if I like. I immediately said yes and put almost everything I own in the basement of my cousins house in Monsey. I have finally achivied a status I have hoped for for much of my adult life. All of my belongings can fit in the back of my car and it feels damned good.

I was going to tell everyone where I am moving but then I kind of want to keep the suspense – but its a small community and its over 1500 miles from New York and I am super pumped. Unfortunately it means I wont be doing any shows for the next couple of months – but if I could get a decent manager who could organize a weeks worth of stuff I would love to come back for a visit.

I really don’t love the place I am moving, too flat, too hot – but its closer to the true west and it gets me out of the east coast.