Are you pissed that some events have mixed seating?

Then you can bring tear gas and stab someone…

Vos is Neias reports that a man in Israel showed up at a birthday party of a three year old armed with tear gas and stabbed someone because he was bothered by the mixed seating. I can just imagine what would happen at a yeshiva prom.

So what now, the tznius police have gone underground and splinter forces are popping up in random places ;like Meron. I highly doubt that Shimon Bar Yochai would approve, although I am sure he probably went mad from sitting in the cave, he probably didn’t start stabbing people for dressing untznius or attending events with mixed seating.

What is the world coming to, when men start stabbing people over tznius or mixed seating?

Doesn’t murder receive a much worse punishment then untznius which is completely subjective anyway. I am shocked as you should be.

Whats next?

Man brings shotgun to store selling TV’s because frum people walked by…

Women stabs man with challah knife for looking into the women’s section during a shalom zachor

Yeshiva guy strangles man with washing cup chain for wearing blue shirt to shul

Chossid guns down mehadrin bus driver for asllowing women to sit in front, then shoots all women in ten block radius

Mashgiach kills non-Jewish workers for requesting that brocolli be served, claims that the work involved made him crazy

Man goes on rampage with steam roller because women should not drive

Shul burned by angry mob because its mechitza was removable

Grafiti saying “30 tefuchim is not enough” spraypainted on upper west side shul

Man brings shotgun to singles event because he says its either the shotgun or the shadchun

Ok that last one may have been a little over the edge.