Overheard at Subsational

I was sitting at Subsational on Coney Island Avenue in Brooklyn eating a most enjoyable honey barbeque steak sandwich when I overheard a couple of yeshiva hocker types chatting. There was one guy in a bright colored button down shirt talking to this sephardi looking guy in a zippered up sweater, who was eating a salad, diet lime snapple and some sort of wrap- (you see what working as a private investigator for 2 years will do to you). Both were fooling with their blackberries as they had a conversation without actually looking at each other in the face.

Colred Shirt says to Sephardi guy: Hey I know this girl, she’s a really good girl, thats looking for a shidduch

Sephardi guy: Huh (really meant to say- nu tell me more)

CS: Well she’s just a good girl, wants a good guy

SG: What’s her back round?

CS: She’s from a good family, just an all around good girl

SG: Waht high school did she go to?

CS: She’s a really good girl, uh she uh, went to Shulamith but she’s really not that type at all, good girl good midos

SG: Shulamith huh…

CS: Yeh her families a little more modern, but she has such good middos, she doesn’t hook up with guys or anything, she’s open minded you know – maybe a Waterbury guy would be good for her-

SG: Money?

CS: Yeh her family is loaded, I think her grandparents or something own the Jewish Press, she’s good looking too

SG: She’s in Touro? (was asked in more of a “I know she’s in Touro- because if she were in Stern she would be too modern”)

CS: For nursing, like I said she’s frum but open minded, really good middos- just wants a regular guy (what that means I do not know)

Then the two kids got up and started for the door while I sat wondering what exactly a good girl meant according to this guy and how on earth people can carry on a conversation while texting on their blackberries. I also tried to count exactly how many times the Colored Shirt guy told the Sephardic guy that the girl was good and had good middos.

Seems like a cover up to me…