Barack Obama is not U.S. citizen!!!

Now most of you know by now that I am a closet Obama fan when it comes to admitting that I like him in front of any frum people for fear of getting torn a new one and not getting my serving of cholent- but I was just listening to Michael Savage over the internet so that my father wouldn’t have to sit in his car like he does when he stays over. I don’t have an AM radio and he needs his rabid right wing talk radio.

Philip Berg a former assistant district attorney from Pennsylvania was the guest tonight who has brought a lawsuit with allegations that Barack Obama was born in Kenya and not in the United States. This dude is a lifelong liberal Democrat and a card carrying member of the NAACP by the way. He mentioned a bunch of interesting points such as Obama’s failure to release his Columbia University records which may show that Obama received foreign aid.

Allegations are allegations- but this Philip Berg (guaranteed riots against the Jews- if this is true) has said that he will release a tape of Barack Obama’s mother or grandmother saying that she was in the delivery room in Kenya when he was born. Oh I love conspiracies- even if it means Obama will be kicked off the ticket.

So I googled “Obama is not a US citizen” and like Michael Savage said, no major news outlet has picked up this story- which is another conspiracy in itself. What about FOX News or National Review – you would think would have jumped on a story like this. The theory behind this is that the Republican party themselves were working on something similar for their October surprise and are pissed that a Democrat beat them to the punch.

Then again John McCain was born on a Military base along the Panama Canal…

As much as I wanted Obama to win- I for one would like to see the truth come out before the election so we don’t have to deal with another hanging chad style fiasco.

The question for you my dear readers is this:

If the truth comes out and Barack Obama lied about his citizenship, do you think he should be kept on the ballot? Would you vote for him if he was?