What words did your Rabbis use to teach sexual topics?

I remember in high school we learned this one gemara about “the hair down there” that told of women having to shave their pubic areas so that the hair should become hardened and cut the penis or ervah as the Rebbe referred to it. There were a couple kids who would just keep asking the same question over and over again.

“But Rebbe what exactly are you talking about when you say the hair down there?”

And he would fluster and try and explain it again- not realizing that pretty much all that goes through any high school guys mind are thoughts of the place “down there.”

I don’t know exactly when I first heard the word “relations” but it definitely took a little getting used to. I never understood why they couldn’t just say “Sex” but relations seemed to be a Rabbis favorite term for describing sex.

Then you talmudic words like Bia, which were funny because people had the name Bia which always made talking to someone named Bia interesting. Then you had the word “knew” used in sentences like “they knew each other” which always made someone say “uh Rebbe what exactly did they know?” which was always responded that they knew each other in an intimate way- which depending on the person could just lead the Rebbe down the road of no return.

I remember this one gemara I learned about (maybe Rav Kahuna) who hid under his Rebbes bed so he could hear what his Rebbe said to his wife during relations- I found this one hilarious. I always thought someone should compile all the sex stories of the gemara and make it into a mini-Ein Yaakov of sorts.

Then the classic term was Tashmish Hamita actually means marital relations but its always said with that Yinglish slur that makes it sound all holy and not sexual related at all.

Then for body parts they would always use the term Ervah or maybe Milah. I cannot recall if they had terms to describe Breasts. I have been told by others that in very frum schools they use the term Maisa to describe sex and that tashmish hamita is shortened to tashmish.

How did your rabbis describe sex?