Anti Indulgence Chassidim in Williamsburg ban Choice!!!

I have always had some existential angst when it came to the whole concept of choice. All those theories about freedom of choice and God knowing all drive me so crazy that I choose to just ignore everything and go along in my partially blind faith- “how can God know everything that will happen yet I have the freedom of choice?” has been explained to me countless times in enough ways to make my head spin. So thank God for the Chassisdim in Williamsburg for finally cracking down on something which was false anyway, CHOICE!!!

The latest of Zealotry to come out of the Charedi world is an anger at large displays in advertisements. Apparently they don’t like detailed displays of food with too much choice. What more could one want out of life then Kishka, Kugvel and cholent? As reported by This is Babylon.

The following ad was destroyed in Williamsburg because of its detail and offerings of choice which obviously leads to lust and then sex- because it seems that everything banned has something to do with being untznius. Lets face it folks- food can be sexual experience and I am not talking about whip cream and hot oil rubs.

Williamsburg restuarant ad defaced

Williamsburg restuarant ad deface

Not having choice is great because I don’t have to worry about doing the right thing, because hey I have no choice. Lets be serious for a second- this is insane- people should be more humane instead of being zealots and destroying property which is against halacha- real halacha. There should also be some sort of court set up to deal with this crap. How can these people get away with this?

I think Chassidim should be banned- they have way too many choices. Different, hats, streimels, capotas, bekishes, siddurim and let us not forget the hundreds of Chassidic Sects- what there should just be one sect? In that case I think minhagim should be banned- some people get out so easy- like those people that wait 1 hour between milk and meat and those folks that get to eat rice on pesach. While we are at it- color should be banned (oh wait these people only wear black and white) so I am sure there are other choices to be banned along with food choice.

Other things banned in Williamsburg:

Bike Lanes were deemed untznius

Similar to this event- the late night food cart was forced to close up shop