Israeli film “The Secrets” portrays lesbian love in seminary

If you knew how many people a day came to my site by searching any of a wide variety of frum or chassidic combined with the words porn, sex, gay, lesbian, horny, etc… it would be quite shocking. In fact I would love to see the looks on some of these peoples faces as they clicked on my site and expected some bais yaakov porn. But of course google is weird and combines all sorts of things to make the search engine come up with what it does and non of that stuff actually exists. Almost every guy I know has searched for frum porn at one time or another, sometimes going as deep as 10 pages into google when they realized that David Frum a political commentator takes up most results that include frum in the search term. Until now!

I was in Rochester, NY for shabbos and someone made a comment about a new Israeli film that was playing at the Image Out Film Festival which is Rochester’s very own Gay film festival. The film is called The Secrets and its about a seminary in Tzfat where two girls fall in love. Bais Yaakov girls gone wild on film, what could be better? Since it is an Israeli film its probably safe to say that there will be some hot frummy lesbian sex scenes.

I was told that this is actually happening on a regular basis in frum girls schools and I wouldn’t be surprised, considering that all I hear about is pillow fights and KY wrestling matches after they get back from Cafe Rimon and Fro-Yo.

To find more about The Secrets click the link and scroll down the page about 3/4 way.