Sarah Palin wigs come to Borough Park

I always thought that Sarah Palins hair did resemble one of those sheitles worn by Hot Chani types strolling along Central Avenue in the five towns, but I never seriously thought about it. Mainly because I just don’t care for sheitels, I myself prefer my natural hair and until the Rabbis make a chumra that unmarried men have to cover their hair as well – to prevent the shidduch crisis of course – I will stick to my regular hair.

The Sarah Palin sheitel is available at Georgies in Brooklyn and its selling like crazy, although you can be assured that when some chumradikeh guy reads this they will be banned. I just coined that term by the way, because in frum-speak you can add the word “dikeh” to any word to make it into a active word. Someone who appreciates chumras may be called chumradikeh.

Don’t believe me- you can get the Sarah Palin Sheitel for $695 from Georgies.